Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas Time-ish-ness.

It has been quite the week...... still trying to adapt to this world here in LA. Rolland and all that he does, tries to make it the most for me. Although at times, I still have identity crisis', haha. I finally decided to be finished with decorating our own tree. Rolland and I got a fresh tree last week, and put some of his funny (totally bachelor man) ornaments. I decided that I never see any ornaments that I truly like, so I would make my own until Rolland and I create a collection of our own. I am in this place where I don't like buying anything unless I have the feeling that I can't part with out it. Which is rare that I ever feel that way these days. So as you can see in the pics below I drew temporary ones. Rolland and I are living and experiencing the industrial lifestyle.... and I think our tree resembles it. Our tree is a work in process..... I took his old ornaments and sprayed them with glue and dipped them in different shades of glitter, Rolland tried one as well. So that's our artistic industrial Christmas tree for ya.

Rolland suprised me last night with a "KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas" Concert. It's a line up of all of these bands for Christmas Charity Fundraiser. It was super fun, saw two great legendary bands; Garbage and Bush. Linkin Park Played.... on a random note Rolland used to dress Linkin Park and travel with them when they were really big, so random to me. Also Rise Against, and Awolnation played-- they were not too bad either. I LOVE Gavin Rosdale.... he surpasses all the so called sexy men out there.... Brad Pitt, David Beckham.
Rolland made t-shirts for Barney's New York, which was a lot of hard work- I got to help with the process. 

Master @ work.


  1. I love the glitter bulbs you did! how did you get the glitter to stay? and that curved candy cane was so cool! xo

  2. love your tree dallas! it is so you! you are so creative.

    i am SO jealous you saw gwen!