Saturday, February 23, 2013

Dr Martens/Kate Bosworth

I am having such an addiction to Dr. Martens lately. I want soooo many different styles it's ridiculous. I actually just purchased a pair from the Agyness Deyn collaboration. Below is their latest Dr. Marten video featuring her and I love it. I was reading a Kate Bosworth article in the latest Topshop magazine and it was pretty cool cause I can relate to her. I love how she is not in one category of style. She is influenced by her surroundings. As am I. In the winter I will tend to feel comfortable in darker colors, rock n roll vibe. Spring summer I am more Fleetwood Mac/Stevie Nicks meets earthbound lovin.  Also LA and Utah will inspire in different ways. But who cares.... I don't want to be defined or placed into any old category. Kate will relay the rest of my message:
Topshop: Your style is much admired. How would you describe it??
Kate: My style is largely influenced by environment and mood. In LA I tend to dress with a more laid back sense because of the warmer climate. When I travel to New York or Europe, my style can change to a more tailored, layered look based o the environment. It's difficult to place a label on anyone's style as I find it often changes based on one's mood. 
Perfectly put. Do what feels best. Doc's feel best for me allll year round. Here's to Doc's!! Enjoy the vid!

My recent purchase. I know I should be getting a spring summer sandal. But I want to wear these with skirts and capri leggings for spring/summer.  I cannot wait to get them in the mail this week!!! So 90's to me.

My little collection below. Glitter and knee high boots. Best purchases of my life.

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