Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Nashville Nashville.......

My heart has this huge desire to go to Nashville, TN. Lately Nashville just keeps coming up--meaning..... so and so lives there, such and such happened there, and this and that great thing takes/took place there. Also two of my favorite musical genius' have recording studios there which makes Nashville even more cool and mysterious to me. Of course it is the Dan Auerbach and Jack White themselves. I must admit The Black Keys in a very artistic and emotional way nurtures my soul. I secretly believe I am the only one who knows of them.... sadly this is false. I wish they only created music just for me, why am I like that?? Whatev, I'm just a territorial creature. One thing is certain-- The Black Keys are a constant obsession. Found these choice jems, thought I would share. Goonight.

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  1. Dallas,
    Love looking at your blog!!! Was inspired to write...my son Wes does live vinyl recording at Jack White's studio in front of a live audience once or twice a month.
    Jack also will go into where Wes is working to check on the vinyls that he's having done.
    Miss you and your mom! We need to get together soon for lunch!
    Sharon Kucera,