Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Cameron and Dallas' Wedding Aug 29th 2015

I have not blogged in a few years, but I must since I had the most magical wedding day. I want to thank certain people such as my momma, Kathy Cox, Desiree Ashworth, Debbie Lewis (for the flowers) and my dear friend Chelsea Jackson for helping create this day. I absolutely loved every detail of my wedding. I chose hot pink shades with hints of tiffany blue and golds and silvers. I went off the theme from Marie Antoinette summer cottage home, not too far from Versaille. If you've watched Sofia Coppola's version of Marie Antoinette you'd understand. My sweet sister Desiree Ashworth, came up with all of vibe of it all.... we make a very good team I might add. I wanted a country rococo french ambiance. Due to my sister's INCREDIBLE vintage collection of glass ware in every shape and magical style/size we were able to capture a hint of it. We had a juxtaposition of mercury glass mixed with clear glass domes, vases, and so on filled with so different types of flowers in the color of hot pink. One of my dearest closest friends Virginia Bryson out of the service of her heart took these pictures for me. She knows me all too well and knew exactly what to capture. I love you Virginia, and thank you!!!

Enjoy the picture overload!

THE End.