Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Brandon: which translates to Broom hill.....horrifyingly exotic

I have to openly admit, although I think I will regret it, that I have to thank Brandon Boyd. I am in inner conflict with even writing this particular blog just having an intense convo with someone about how this individual has been controversial in my life. But alas I love him. I have never related to anyone sooo much before when it come to the creative process. You know when you find someone who thinks the same way as you do?? Like all the hesitation on how to approach anything in life is always at the back of your mind is there. Well that disappeared when I randomly decided to look up Brandon Boyd I was astonished at the freaky similarities I have with him once again. He has a dark soul but when it comes to creating I love his whole approach. He is a song writer and a artist. He has barely had any training when it comes to painting/drawing, he has taught himself everything. The songs he has written literally is the best poetry I have ever read. I am inspired on a whole other level. Its quite surreal right now for me. I have been so busy and distracted with the regimen of the University experience that seems consum my life right now, until I read Brandon Boyds Biography......heaven sent. You can tell he wrote it himself. Deeply spiritual but not religious, which I dont agree with. He is literally brilliant though. Apparently he designed for "Toms Shoes" which I normally cannot stand, but because he touched them with his mad creativeness I am so into them now. haha. Not only was I obsessed with his face in high school but his mind. Well I am trying to create a new heading for my blog......and I am trying to finish some serious hardcore commissioned pieces which have been so hard for me to accomplish......I think that will change having gotten a peak into Brandons beautiful mind. Just what I needed.