Thursday, February 25, 2010


Des and I.

I just have to share how much I love my sister! She was just with me making me laugh my head off. She makes me sooo happy. Her blonde bubbliness just makes my life whole. Not only is she the best example to me with her optimism and constant happiness but her taste is so AMAZING! We are both so different but yet so similar. I randomly go to get sushi somewhere and the asian man asks me, "You were just here!?" And I say, "uhhh nooo." He then say "yes yes you were"? Then I say, "OH, Oh that was my sister. Blonde? Bubbly?" And he goes, "Oh my! You twins!" And then I say, " Uh no 5 years apart" and then he say " Crazy Crazy so similar!" Okay so just imagine the asian accent with deep confusion. That happens quite a bit. This blog is dedicated to her, cause she means so much to me. I dont know what I would do with out her. I love knowing that she is MY sister. Oh the comfort it brings me. Check out her fabulous blog, its beautiful! As is she.
Check out
Its hers, and its amazing!

Can ya see why??? Oh there's more where that came from!