Friday, February 26, 2010

Alice, What is the use of a book, without pictures or conversations?

So everyone is aware that the movie Alice in Wonderland is coming out very soon. Everyone keeps talking to me about it, because they seem to know that I have been obsessive of the whole world Lewis Carroll has created for "Alice". Alice in Wonderland has many layers that I have looked deeper into. People may think that is strange but thats my mind for ya. There's symbolism in the story. About 4 years ago I was watching the biography of Lewis Carroll and how he came to create the stories inspired by little Alice. It was quite interesting. But after I was watching it I was thinking, okay someone needs to remake this into a great film. Who could do it the best?? Owning just about every Tim Burton film I thought OH! Tim Burton is the only one who could!!
So I literally prayed, seriously, that Tim Burton would recreate the classic tale of "Alice in Wonderland". Some say coincidence....... I think not! Hahaha 4 years ago people, I wanted this and now in half a month Tim Burton is coming out with a film called Alice in Wonderland! Well as some people are aware, I have drawn many, many, many Alice paintings. Their are only a few on this blog of what I have drawn over the years. I am giving a heads up: Get your personalized Alice, or whatever you connect with from the story. I love the White Rabbit I have always connected with that character. But lately when I look at the moon and it is in the sliver, banana shape I think of the Chesire cat smiling, swaying back and forth singing, "And the slithy toves Did grye and gimble in the wabe........" Ya thats how I think when I dont have to think. But embrace the excitement of the up coming film. I am!

I LOVED drawing this Mad Hatter! My bestie Brooke owns it. I gave it to her for a present. I could only trust her with it. It was hard letting this little guy go.

I drew the one above from the one below.

I drew this below for my friend Kevin. He, a guy loved it. He loved Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum the most of all the characters so he asked me to paint them for him.

I drew the one above from the source below.

I want these little Alice treasures below!!

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  1. Have you done any of the chesire cat? He's my favorite.

    Alice: Oh, no, no. I was just wondering if you could help me find my way.
    Cheshire Cat: Well that depends on where you want to get to.
    Alice: Oh, it really doesn't matter, as long as...
    Cheshire Cat: Then it really doesn't matter which way you go.