Saturday, February 6, 2010

Fleeting Images

Love Love Love I dont know why exactly.

I have an addiction to Seattle. Go there every year . There is a whole in my heart every time I leave that great city.

I love Chandeliers. There so hypnotic to me. Something of a mystery that they hold. Really weird I know, and I know EVERYONE and their dogs loves chandeliers. But I just have to let you all know.

Grace Labass, she is my real life muse. We were mission companions. We fed off eachother with the same passions and obsessions. I feel inspired when I am around her. Like I can create anything even by being in the same room as her. Its a rare situation. We are kindred spirits.

This pictures gets me so excited for spring!! The colors, floral prints, hair. Oh I can feel spring in the air already.
I am obsessed with the NorthWest Beaches. Haystacks in the distance are so intriguing. I prefer cold beaches with mist instead of warm tropical ones. Dont ask why.

This picture just says it all. My cousin. That face makes me burst out with laughter. This kid can quote any movie. Oh he is on his way! Aden you ROCK!


  1. aiden is such a crack up, i can't get enough of him! tonight was so much fun, we need to hang out again asap! love you!

  2. He seems to think we're getting married. Hahaha, I love him he's the cutest little man ever!