Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Vivacious Influences in My Life

Okay so the pictures are in random order but.....out of the blue had to pay my condolences to just a couple of my greatest inspirations that have truly effected my life. First being William Wilberforce, who was able to over many many years abolish the Slave Trade. I LOVE this man. The film "Amazing Grace" has me in tears the entire film. I am so inspired by the Character of William. What he did, what he stood for. His deep connection to nature. His ability to fulfill ALL his responsibilities. I love him. His wife as well has effected me. Her abiltiy to help inspire him after many years of defeat by not being able to abolishing the slave trade. She was a women of goodness. If it wasn't for her he would not have fully finish the abolishment of the slave trade. Then there is Pocahontas. When I was a little girl I was obsessed with her. Her Long lush hair, turquoise necklace, free spirit, her love for mother nature, everything. I ran around trying to be just like her. How she always always followed her heart. The next influence in my life amongst all the "Little Women" that I love from the classic novel by Louis M Alcotte is Jo March. Her vivacious passion and love for everything in life. Her passion for writing, her bluntness, she is what she is and she doesn't hold back. I have a really good friend who calls me Jo, she tells me I'm just like her, best compliment. All the March sisters inspire me. Last of all for now, is Charlotte Fielding from Autumn in New York. I have a felt a connection with this character. She is a Unique. How she creates with glittery beads, and pretty things. Her love for life only seeing the good. She is cultured and deep. She also has Emily Dickenson poems memorized. After watching her character I had to by a book of Emily Dickinsons poems and memorize some. "Hope is a thing with Feathers that purges in the soul and sings the words with out the tune and never stops at all......." I love inspirations. People especially. Nothing is better than observing a person from a distance or up close seeing their character and what they do and why they do it. Especially if it effects everything and everyone for the better. I am haunted by such great people.

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  1. I'm thoroughly enjoying your blog...all the way from NC! Someday when we get a house out here I am going to commission you to do a painting for me.