Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Purely Refreshing

So lately I have been hungering for some art! I have been trying forever to get to BYU's Art Museum since I got home 6 months ago. So finally today I did it. Oh my gosh every time I look at art I have goosebumps. A euphoria comes over me, and I am so in my element. BYU suprised me tremendously today. Usually BYU keeps it simple and classy, and traditional. But there was a difference with the latest gallery they have right now. I didnt feel like I was on BYU campus. I felt like I was actually outside of Utah while I was experiencing this Gallery. It was so rad! Unexpectedly different. Oh, the black tree with the Glass blown birds!! I died. Goosebumps were on my arms for about 40 minutes straight. LOVED IT. Enjoy the pics. I was trying to be sneaky while taking the Flashless pictures from my killer phone.


  1. That is a really cool exhibit! I wish I could have enjoyed it more... I was there with 17 wolves for a scout field trip... FUN STUFF YEEEE HAAAAA!!! I seriously caught one boy flying off of some stage and he hit is knee, then there was the security tracking us every step of the way, making sure we weren't making too much noise or spending too much time watching that furry dude... you remember the furry dude, you took a picture of him, well, the boys wouldn't give him a break. So that was my experience there... the furry man and catching flying ADD boys! I love my life. I need to go there with you Dallas, it would be so fun! You see things in a whole new light... I love that about you. You're one inspiring women! Love ya and lets go to the museum...

    Des ;)

  2. Desiree you are hilarious!! My life and yours is soo different. Mine so selfish. Yours not. I envy what your doing. I remind you I had earphones in my ears listening to "Brokedown Palace" it totally created the mood. No children running around me, if they were I was so not aware. You kill me! I love it. Hey Im willing to go again when ever you are. We should totally get ice storms from Nordstrom Cafe and then go!