Sunday, February 21, 2010

Grizzly Grizzly Baby Baby!

I have been having a couple of obsessions lately. I will share just a few.
1. Zoolander.......I just love Hansel. That nose and the blonde waved hair, oh yes!
2. Berries and Cream Lad. He makes me so happy. I keep watching the Youtube video. Creepy I know.
3. Grizzly Bear. When I first got their music on my ipod I just couldnt get into them. And out of the blue I came across a random song (Knife) and now I cant stop........I listened to them alllll the way down to California. I walked along the beach listening to them and it was pure magic. The music perfectly aligned with the incoming crashing waves. Each song has such diversity. And each song sounds so different from the other. Thats how you know its a good band. Each song takes you to a different place.

Anyway these pictures totally have a Grizzly Bear vibe. The song Knife is isane!!!

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