Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Why I Love Cali

So I am here in California. New Port Beach area. Oh my goodness its amazing!! The weather has been literally in the 80's. I finally got in a pool yesterday. It has been 2 years since I have gotten into water, because of the mission. It felt so liberating. Everything down here is in its best form. My jaw keeps dropping everytime I see the ocean, or feel the warm air on my skin. Or even looking in the mirror and seeing a sun kissed look on my face........mmmm havent had that for the past two years either. I cant wait for the Spring and Summer!!! This is just the perfect way to start it all off. But the pictures below indicate why I love it here so much!

The Shopping is so superb! Neiman and Bloomings.

The home decor stores in the O.C. are divine! They can actually afford to bring in my all time favorite Italian glass blown chandeliers. Murano Italian Glass......ahhh my fav. My bestie Brooke bought me a hand blown glass cherry from Italy. I believe it is my own little Murano piece of heaven. Any way I wanted to literally eat these chandeliers. Des and I were in heaven, of course she was the one who sniffed out this store.

I found this shoe that my friend designed at Saks Fifth Avenue. Des was not impressed, sorry Rolland hahaha

Oh the cars! I am literally rubbernecking all day on the road.

Shopping with my mom is a blast!

Oh my gosh the food is so delicious!

The beach has been amazing

My favorite combo: Fresh fruit (preferably Blueberries) and whipped cream!

Flowers! I see flowers in Febuary!

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