Thursday, March 25, 2010


First I want to say why my blog looks different. For one thing, I am not a fan of monotony. I like change all the time. Im a seasonal person, I adapt to the season by colors and what I eat, and even do. So my blog is not going to be comfy cozy dark colors. Its spring! I just saw daffodils, so my blog has to somewhat match this spring season.
Well the pictures below just intrigue me, and make me happy. I thought I share them with you.

"Harajuku girls you have some wicked style, I like the way that you are, you are my biggest fan!"

Love the combo of these two elements, Native American meets techno.

I want a fox tail one day, brutal I know. But I love everything about foxes. Dad lets go fox hunting again!

I love this pic of this man....sorta epic in my opinion. This mans face alone tells such a well as the bling bling.
Is that a Marc Jacobs bag he is holding, wow it just keeps getting better.

I want this bag, for real. Where can I find one??

I have always wanted blue tips. My bestie died a strip of her hair blue one time, I LOVED it. Every since my freshman year I have wanted turquoise tips. This pic really hits the spot, washed out denim blue hair- I love it.

This is one of the most attractive males (on the right) and style I have ever seen. I wanna go back to Europe. Men dress like this there. American men cant really dress, its a fact, sorry.

This picture makes me excited for summer. Summer dresses, grass, twirling around like a little girl. This is going to be me this summer. Oh grass, I cant wait for you!

Love the composition in this photo. Classic.

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  1. i agree with the cute man on the right, even though you can't see his eyes... he looks hot. and i LOVE the turquoise tips! love love