Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Im Back Baby

I have been spending some sweet time up in Rock Canyon lately. I love it up there. One of my favorite places on earth. Its special to me. I just went on my favorite hike of all time. Its like loose sand and rock on a 90 degree incline (exageration a tid bit). Its amazing! Coming down the rock/sandy trail is like surfing for me. Another thing I love about Rock Canyon other than its gloriousness, are the rock climbers. Oh my HECK! I love watching them. Its the best thing to watch them climb and then plot out their routes while on a cliff. It amazes me of what the body can do. Here are pictures from my hike today and a clip of my all time favorite rock climber Dean Potter.


  1. dallas i want to come on this hike with you!! i'm on a little break after next tuesday, please pretty please take me?!!

  2. Did you climb up there with Dad or by yourself? It would not surprise me if you were all over the Wasatch front by yourself, you're ambitious that way! Beautiful pics Dal Dal... I love you!!