Monday, April 26, 2010

Speaking of Sound.......

So my dad and I have been designing some new speakers. Okay this is my new passion! I am constantly thinking of new speakers to design. The two in front (Sand color) are ones that my dad first created, the wood is Baltic Burch. Then the red ones in the back are ones that me and my dad created together. The wood is different and is called Spruce. It is the same wood that they use for violins, and cellos. So the sound is even richer than the sand colored speakers. He took me to the wood shop to pick some colors. The colors were beautiful stained in the wood. They were just your basic colors: red, yellow, orange, green, and turquoise. The red was calling out our names. Of course I wanted the turquoise too, but thats the next project. My dad was nervous to do an extreme color. But me being the queen of color comforted him and told him it will be the best thing he will ever blend some color into sound. He absolutely LOVES them. We cant stop looking and listening to them. So I gained his trust, and now he is constantly asking me questions about the next design. Speaking of sound. I found this new blog that updates about new music everyday. I work with his wife. I love this guys taste in music. Its indie. I love all varieties of music, but this is refreshing take on indie music. I love his out look on music. He stated this:
“Music is what feelings sounds like.” These are the songs that move me. Songs that are a direct contradiction to most of the pop/rock on the radio brought to you by the soul-sucking corporate machine. Help save the music. So check back, there is a new one every day."

So check his website out, its worth it.


  1. that is so cool that you and your dad are building them together!

  2. you designed these!! amazing.......

    xoxo Bardot in Blue

  3. Thanks Dallas for the kind words. It takes an audiophile to know one. Let me know if there is a song you found or like that needs to be posted, a new one everyday adds up quick

    Jack :)