Sunday, April 18, 2010

L'Artisan Perfumeur

Ahhhhh Perfumes. One time I was waiting at the Chanel counter at Nordstroms and this older sophisticated french women came up next to me looking through all of the lipsticks and then impatiently was wanting to know about the N°5 perfume. She wanted it very badly. And there was no one there to help her nor me. So she started telling me in her french accent and with her fine expensive jewelry, how she had traveled the world collecting the finest perfumes known to man. As if it were an art. I was so intrigued by this old parisian, so we continued to talk and she gave me a peak into to her vivid, magical lifestyle. It was insane. I kept thinking, what in the heck was she doing in one of the worst Nordstroms in the world (Sorry Orem Nordstroms, but its true) picking up a little morsel of a perfume?? She said she was desperate for it, and she was visiting an old friend. Anyway, my point being this, is that ever since I heard of her cultured perfume adventures I too am going to turn this fragrance thing into a cultural experience. L 'Artisan Parfumeur is my desire through out this life. So thank you dear Parisian women, who just so happened to find me in the little town of Le' Orem.

I want to introduce my latest purchase & obsession: L'IMPERATRICE by D&G. Oh it is heaven. I keep looking at the bottle and it makes me happy. And just smelling it, yum. How could a little bottle of fragrance make one so gitty? I know, Im a bit crazy. Sometimes I just want it to say the words: "DRINK ME" on the outside. And if it tasted anything like it smells it would be gone by now, and on to the next!

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