Thursday, May 13, 2010

712 Pizzaria

I have to blog about my experience today. I woke up this morning craving the Brisk on Palenta from Pizzeria Seven Twelve. So my mom and I went there today. It was pretty spectacular. I cant exactly pinpoint why. But highlight of the week by far. First off, we ate a salad with ricotta cheese on it. Okay, so I m pretty passionate when I eat crazy good food. But I was uber passionate today, call me french. I savored every little bit of that little scoop of slightly sweetened ricotta cheese. My eyes were as big as my grandmas the entire time. Then we ate hummus on flat bread. Damn good hummus. So the main course was close to my all time favorite brisk on palenta. We shared the brisk panini with mushrooms and provolone cheese. AMAZING. For desert which my mom didn't want to do until she heard the name Rhubarb Crisp with fresh whipped cream, she said "Its spring! We have to have rhubarb!!" I love it. We are seasonal people. The whipped cream was superb as well as the rhubarb crisp. Oh and the chef in the back had danskos and he had a pony at the nape of his neck. Hot damn, over all the experience was so needed, and well appreciated. I have had several good experiences at this place which makes it my all time favorite restaurant......other than my Wolfgang Puck's Spagos. Thank you Mommy for the wonderful dining experience today!
There is nothing more that I appreciate than when people appreciate quality foods, details, and atmosphere to make life more beautiful. And that is exactly what the people do who work and own 712 Pizzaria.


  1. oh goodness, isn't it just the best. you've got my stomach growling thinking about their brisk. i'm excited for tomorrow!!!!

  2. Dal!
    I'm glad I stumbled upon this lovely blog of yours. I miss you. You are so artistic, creative, and passionate. I've always loved that about you. I have a blog as well, you'll have to check it out sometime. Jessie poo!

  3. Hahaha! That man you love so much? Totally my friend's husband. Love you Dallas!