Friday, May 14, 2010

My Latest Fav

This artist is my latest favorite. Her name is Elizabeth Payton. She is one of Marc Jacobs favorite artists. I can see why. I love her abstract approach, and how she paints faces. Also, how she paints famous rock legends. That is what she is most known for. She painted Kurt Cobain (which is worth 700,000-1,000,000 dollars!!), David Bowie, and some others. She can draw with crayon and make it look like its worth 40 grand. There is something about art, its beneath the paint, the lines that captures the audience's attention. The energy of a painting is what captures me, then the style, then the brush strokes, then the artist. Its the feeling I get when I look into a canvas with imagery on it. Some paintings can be flat out insane talent wise, but can totally leave me flat and bored. Then there are others that give me this high and its not structured, skilled or anything. I love looking at new art, especially to see what I experience as I look at it. Thats my take on the art world.

Elizabeth Peyton, the Artist.


  1. I love the one of jackie! Wouldn't it be amazing to own that? The colors are so great. I wonder why people paint celebrities, it's kind of an interesting concept.

    ps this is brooke

  2. Brooke! It was weird when I saw I had a 1 comment, I immediately knew it was you who made the comment. And it was Freak--y! Who the heck is M Vanilli??? And yes the Jackie O is amazing! You need to own it one day! When your a lawyer.

  3. I know I'm nearly 4 years late to the discussion, but I stumbled upon your blog while I was googling Elizabeth Peyton's paintings of Kurt Cobain. I totally agree with how you feel about art and appreciating something that is honest and raw as opposed to technically skilled but flat. I thought I'd tell you about my favorite artist, Alice Neel. I think you would really enjoy her paintings. They're incredible and awe-inspiring. Ok bye! :)