Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Random Mems

I was never in trouble as a child. Really, I hated being in trouble. I would always learn what not to do from others around me. But I had to learn on my own sometimes.
My mom always baked magical cakes when I was little. We would always win cake contests.

My obsession with tube amps started from the time I could comprehend light, heat, and burn. I think I almost singed my hand a couple of times by always wanting to touch my dadios tube amps.

Oh childhood friendships were hell and heaven combined. Kids can be so mean.

I swear this was me as a little girl. Except I didnt have the long hair. I wanted to be a little Indian child so bad

Christmas was never Christmas without the Carps back in the day.

My bestie Brooke and I would watch "Mermaids" every fall since we first met. Somethings will never change. I love it like that.

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