Thursday, December 9, 2010


So dont ask me why I didnt take any pics of the world of DisneyLand. For one thing the haunted mansion was INSANE and my all time fav. Wanna know why?? Because it was drenched with Tim Burton, my lover. Jack the Pumpkin King (totally have a crush on, due to sexy Danny Elfman voice), bones, twisted trees, and Christmas (tainted with darkness) everywhere. Sooo much visual stimuli! To be honest my phone died because of too much texting. Thus my reasoning for not being able to show all the yumminess I whitnessed today. I did get to take some pics of my family. And I was sooo much better to them today, because I have been so disgusted with myself. Ha. It was an incredible day. Good times, great mems.
I am ready to return home to the cold cold cold land of Utah. Cali you are lovely, but I dare say the mountains are my air.


  1. oh i wish so badly i was in california right now, it sounds so fun!!

  2. look how cute your family is. i love them.