Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Rob Machado I lOVE You........

Soooo just chillin here in Newport Beach. Man, I have realized a lot about myself this past few days. I am sooooo independent. Holy hell. I need my space, and I need freedom. I've been a brat here and there to my fam, and I am not proud. Geeeeeeze. So humbling. I am very ready to go home and do the things I gotta do before I come back to LA in a week..... cause I got exciting things to come. Time is running out. People to see, things to paint, Christmas around the corner. Its all exciting. My family is a blast and have so much fun to be around and explore Cali with. But I gotta get back to reality. Im tired of shopping, and I am tired of no car to runaway with, haha. An intensity is building up in me, and I think its dying to come out.........Any way enough on that. Up top is a pic of my fav Surfer who is still alive, Rob Machado. Someone created this on a wall in a rad surfer shop. So dope. Love you Rob Machado. Love the name Machado- maybe Ill name my little boy Machado. hehe

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