Saturday, February 26, 2011

My Latest Painting Inspired by Bernini

One of the latest paintings I have recently done (which is for sale, btw) was inspired by the passionate sculptor, Giavanni Bernini. Oh my goodness what that man created with his hands and pure marble, is remarkable. I recently watched a BBC art film on Bernini. I was blown away. How he captured emotion and passion in every sculpture, inspired and moved me. The painting and sculpture below is called, Apollo and the Daphne. Its a myth about how Apollo (my favorite God) was chasing the Nymph, Daphne and how she was fearingly running away from him. She had the prayer to be saved from the sexual desires of Apollo that the Gods answered her prayers and right as Apollo grabbed her the Gods turned her into a tree. I just love how her hands and legs turn into brusk bark, and arms into blossoming tree branches. Oh such a image I had to create my own. So this painting below is just that. Nothing like the Bernini's original. But I do love to be inspired by great stories and artists themselves.

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