Friday, February 25, 2011

Thank You.

Im sitting here, at the base of my bed (on the floor no less) reading some books and writing in my journal. I LOVE my books they always open something up inside of me that the world cannot. As I was siting drinking in my yummy literature and memories, I looked to my left and saw 4 freshly gessosed canvas'. Words cant describe how excited and happy my heart gets knowing that blank canvas' are waiting for me to create something. A blank canvas is the greatest gift.
Its been a super incredible day. I received two exstatic commissioners messages who could not stop freaking out over the drawings I did for them. How they keep telling me how happy it makes them. That is the one true thing I want to do with my art. To bring joy or emotion to the viewers heart and mind. So so so incredible to hear just that. Thank you Sarah, and Amy. I appreciate hearing such things. It is obvious that I am on a high. It is so fulfilling. I love creating, what would I do with out my little paints and of course....Glitters??? I just don't know.

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