Monday, March 21, 2011

MY NEW PASSION: Wheat Pasting

So this last week I spent my time with a true original wheat paster aka "street artist."Rolland Berry is one of the first original wheat paste artists, along with Shepard Fairy, of our time. So I got to learn first hand how to not get caught, what, and where to paste images, and so forth. Plastering art work on street walls is one of the most incredible things I have ever done. I have found a new passion and hobby. As I have driven around LA with Rolland, I watch him and how he scopes out walls that would be perfect to wheat paste images on. Now thats all I find myself doing. I keep thinking of images I would paste on walls. And what walls would be perfect where everyone could see the art work.
Below are some pics of wheat paste images in streets. Street art is so raw and untouched by art critics. This type of art is the valued and appreciated by those in the streets who are the real audience. In all honesty, street artists are some of the most incredible artist that exist today. Thats just my opinion. Next post I will blog about my epic experience of wheat pasting my Ziggy Bowie all over LA. I got some rad photos to prove that not only did I paste next to an original Banksy image, but that I am on my way to becoming a legit street artist aka: "WHEAT PASTER"! Yay baby. I have a secret code name and everything. Im super stoked.

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