Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Ziggy Expanding His Horizon

Here they are! Pics of the places I pasted. I just love the composition of all the street art on the walls. How messy crazy every wall looks, so raw and restless. It was so fun to do all this. I didn't know it was going to take as much work as it did, Rolland must really like me to go through all of that. Silk Screening and Wheat Pasting was sooo much fun. Just another type of element(s) to add to my artistic world. Thank you Rolland, you are incredible babe!

WARNING: Lots of pics!

Silk Screening the Ziggy to put on posters.

I took a picture of all of the 45 posters we created. Cause every single one was uniquely different. I added glitter to the forehead and nails to add my signature touch. It goes along with my secret code name haha.

By the way I just got accepted into the "BIJOU MARKET" on April 8, and I will be selling all the other original Ziggies there. Better come get your own. They are big and even better in person. I'll give more details later on .
Posters were EVERY WHERE!

We had to start during the day cause there was just too much to do at night. I felt so naked and exposed in the day time. 

Right after we pasted up two Ziggies, a dude came around to take pics of the massive art wall. Luckily we got to watch him pic particular ones to take pics of. He walked right past mine, then stopped and came back to mine and snapped both. Rolland told me he is one of the dudes, who takes pics and updates them on a street art blog.  I just want my Ziggy out in the world more than just little Utah.

So on the right hand corner is and original Banksy. I didnt believe Rolland cause so many people try to mimic him. But he had me google the little monkey man and yes, Banksy was in town. 

I love this image with the pepsi can in front. Rad composition and color scheme going on here. Their are couple of this shot. I just love it.

Right after you put up art people try to rip it down. I was super offended, but Rolland said thats what they do. Thats why you have to be on your game and constantly keep pasting. I went back and fixed it though. Buttheads.

On this wall we got it way up high so no one could paint over it or take it down. It's bound to stay up much much longer than one that would be at eye level. He is there to stay, next to favorite quote "BLOW YOUR MIND"... MAN!

I am obsessed with this pic. So sick!


  1. Love love love. I want in! teach me? When are you coming back to provo?