Tuesday, September 13, 2011

When Red and Yellow Leaves Are On the Tree's.........

I love this time of the year. The transition from a Indian summer into a crisp delicious fall. I already got some fall staple pieces that I have been wanting all summer. I got me some knee high black Dr. Martins, a somewhat similar Jim Morrison belt, a wine stained lipstick, and a the best looking flannel I have ever seen. So I got my clothes for the season. Now I'm ready to do some of my favorite traditions. Luckily my boyfriend is so darn similar. We like to read a fall book, and watch our favorite fall films. It's my last fall in Utah Valley... I am so glad haha. I just love the windy mornings and nights, and the smell of the leaves slowly transitioning. Here are some images of my favorite things:

Fall boots

Fall time walks.

Halloween familiarities.

The many versions of Dracula: Nosferatu

Hocus Pocus.

Leaves all over eveything.

Ghostly Sights.

Fall time parties.


Costumes that make you wanna squeal for joy.

Imagery of classic fall time scenes: Black cats, bare boned tree's, stormy nights, and pumpkins everywhere.

This porch is a little too predictable to me. But I love Mums and white pumpkins.

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