Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fav Film of the Moment: Jane Eyre

I am OBSESSED with this movie. I have no idea why it haunts me. I believe it couldn't have been captured in any better way. The film is perfection. Other then the painful hair style of Jane Eyre. But he, Edward, is incredible. I am in LOVE with this new actor. Such a man. Man, I find myself getting chills to Charlotte Bronte's intoxicating lines captured in the movie. The Bronte sisters are the most incredible writers known to man. Between this and Wuthering Heights, no romance truly delivers.


  1. Ok Dallas- I SO wanted to see this, waited for it to come to the big screen, and never heard about it? is it playing or did you rent it??

  2. i loved the book, i need to see the movie!

  3. ABSOLUTELY AGREE. Finally someone who relates!