Monday, October 3, 2011

In Awe

It's been an interesting week. I already love how this season has started. Lot's of great people in my life, and the experiences that come with it. First off, I have to mention that literally skinned off my upper thigh/bum from roller blading. Yup, biffed it up. So brutal. My dad made my mom put cayenne pepper on it, which was not pleasant one bit. But has helped the healing process quickly. I walk retarded these days, but oh well. A good friend passed away which brought even more incredible experiences such as the most beautiful funeral I have ever been too. My sister was able to play her cello, which made me hysteric with tears. The funeral brought together some of my favorite people. Also, General Conference brought together my family up the canyon. Then I went on one of the most beautiful hikes of my life with my man. Why do I not bring my camera??! The tree's and mountains were magical. This morning was incredible as well. Had the best breakfast with friends whom I couldn't be more grateful for. We are all about creating uplifting experiences.  I'm just amazed at life these days. Thanks to my uncle, I have some pics to document the fun trip up the canyon. 

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  1. dallas, i'm sorry to hear about your friend. it is the absolute worst!

    i'm sad i missed this fun family gathering, somehow i always manage to be busy and i want that to stop! your new niece is SO FREAKING CUTE! i can't wait to meet her. let's get together this week...i'm going to text you.