Thursday, November 3, 2011

Round 5

The process of moving to Midway is in the works. It's the most exciting part of the home building process. Yes I am going with the fam to Midway. I can't wait for it. We went to go check the house today, my sis and mom and I. It was a good time. A lot of reclaimed wood work is through out middle floor, reminds me a lot of Sundance style. So earthy and raw. I come from two incredible creators, my mom and dad. I was raised watching them build one home after another. Watching the creating process with each home. I love watching my parents collaborate on decor and details. I guess they are the reason for why I create, not in home building materials (thank heavens). I come from a family of artistic people, and they fascinate me.

The corner of my parents home, with my sisters home in the back ground. Poor Midway is getting all of us.

Reclaimed wood ceilings.

My moms hair is incredible.

What is my nephews face about, haha!

Tate Barn, made of reclaimed wood.

My horse. Not really but I claim him anyway. He must have rolled around in the mud.

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