Friday, December 30, 2011

Artistcal Whims

So I wanted to show some pictures that  are just wild and crazily fantastic. It might be too much for some out there. For one thing, I keep getting crap about my laptop key board and how people get shocked when they see pen and glitter all over. For pete sakes, I use this computer for everything especially when I am in the act of creating. So I gave in and really out did my self with making my laptop my own. It may freak out some people. But just last night I found out one of my favorite designers laptop computer is colorfully marked and personalized. So kiss my bum you guys, who think I'm loco. Gosh, some people have just been plain annoying.
 I cant tell you how many notebooks I have that keep my so called little ideas recorded. It's so pathetic that I have so many that I cant even remember to use them all. But I do admire the artwork on the outside, and my thoughts and sketches on the inside. I LOVE color so these photos explode with random inspirations of color. Enjoy!

One of my all time fav. Disgner, Louise Gray (below) very own computer, and outfit above.

These illustrations are not mine sadly. I wish I could claim them. But they are a incredible writer and illustrators, Gisele Scanlon. Don't you just LOVE them?

I'm reading for the first time "Alice in Wonderland." It is INCREDIBLE! Lewis Carroll was incredibly imaginitive. I relate to Alice so much. I love hearing her thoughts in the book, soooo much different then the movie. I am trying to create my own illustrations for the great novel. Hoping to capture what Lewis Carroll truly wanted/imagined.

Yes, my own laptop.

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