Monday, January 30, 2012

Maxfield on Melrose

Got back from LA late saturday night. Oh my gosh, I had the time of my life. I took some fun photos on Instagram (I finally gave into damn Instagram), so if you wanna see the fun photos I took through out my trip check it out. Anyway, below are pics of a place my heart longs for. The man I'm seeing took me to a store he knew I would absolutley LOVE. He told me it's where all the posh rockstars shop. I have to go off on how INCREDIBLE the jewelry was. I was trying to take a pic but they caught me. They said I couldn't, bummed me out so bad. I particularly tried to take pictures of the candy colored jeweled encrusted skull rings that literally were 13,000-21,000 grand. All of the jewelry had classical goth look. And every incredible outfit on the mannequins captured exactly how I would dress myself. They had old vintage books, stuffed hens with deep turquoise feathers, everything a vintage rockstar would consider worth buying. One day I will purchase things there, that is my goal. 
Rolland thank you for making me so happy! And also taking me to Maxfields and ruining me for life when it comes to other stores.

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