Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Another Wonderland

I finished! This one was a beast. It's 54x55. This painting has a lot of symbolism for me, as it should be. I am so sad though. I tried to hurry and paint just in time to get it custom framed before the gallery. But sadly the frame is so big it cant even fit in the car. Can you believe that!?? Oh well, that means I can keep it longer. When I paint something that is close to my heart and takes a laaaarge amount of time, it's so hard to see it go- or not have it for me alone. Alas. I always used to draw the Jabberwockey and Alice with the sworple sword on my journals, and for people on my mission. Alice in her armor and sword has a lot of symbolism for me. The Jabberwocky alone speaks to me. I love the peom!! I had a companion, Sister Labass, who would quote it for me on command when I needed a break from the monotony of the mission field. When I shared what Alice symbolized for me with others, they would always want there own little Alice in her armor. This painting can be for my own daughters one day... that is if she doesn't sell for a very LARGE amount of money. This baby is super detailed, took me a long time to draw, paint, and glitter. But oh my, it is just so much fun!!

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  1. Dallas!!!! I just LOVE this. My favorite part is the caterpillar on the mushroom:)