Saturday, February 4, 2012

Gweny Gwen

I have to do a special blog for Gwen Stefani. I was listening to a couple of songs of hers this morning, 
"Harijuku Girls," and "What You Waiting For." A flood of memories came back to me. I remember right after high school, I so refused to go to college so I decided to do Hair School- I know right? I was into plantinum blonde hair, and of course Gwen Stefani. I remember when her first solo album came out as well as her collaboration with LeSportSac. I became obsessed "What You Waiting For" video. I Purchased my first L.A.M.B bag and heirloom jacket from her line. I was so inspired by her. And thats when it all began, my drawing obsession. All I did in Hair School was draw faces, and Alice in Wonderland drawings. And at that time, I knew that drawing was all I ever wanted to do. I soon left hair school and drew constantly after that. Never did I ever imagine I would get into a Art Gallery!! Dreams do come true. Gwen inspired me, and still to this day do I hear the phrase "WHAT YOU WAITING FOR"!! Gwen and her inspirational approach to everything is so fascinating to me. I remember when she explained her love for Alice in Wonderland and I soon came to understand her fascination about the whole idea of it. So thank you Gweny Gwen Gwen for your colorful inspirations, beautiful blonde hair and bright lipsticks.... You inspired me long ago to do great colorful creative things!!

LOVE her L.A.M.B. Shoes

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