Saturday, March 31, 2012

Art Update

As of late I have had a little bit of a art enthusiasm. Thanks to Jessica Grimmer, she lives out in Oregon and owns a Pudding on the Rice shop. She came to my art show in Seattle and took all of my paintings to decorate and sell in her shop. Also she was so kind as to feature me as an artist with my bio. She has sold one already and wants me to replace it with another (which I must say is one of my favs. I will show as soon as it is done). She sent me a pic of her Pudding on the Rice shop with my art on the walls. It made me so happy, the way it was arranged and just having my art selling somewhere other then Utah. I am so grateful to her! Anyway below are some random funny little doodle sketches that I somewhat like. 
Happy General Conference Weekend!!

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