Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Infamous Mormon Chicken

So I came across this this little gem the other day. Guess who this darling little street artist is?? It's my boyfriends mother. She was featured on the Melrose and Fairfax street art blog. One of the most popular street art blogs out there. It was labeled as "Mormon Moms Do Street Art." I absolutely LOVE her chicken. Rolland took her out wheat pasting last year. He asked her if he wanted to project a chicken on the wall and she could trace it-- she refused saying she could draw her own chicken. It's incredible. You can see where my man gets his amazing artistic abilities. Her rooster is still up which is a rarety-- most street art get's taken down or covered up. Hers is definitely a novelty. Rolland's painting is up as well, his is the amazing face on the right.

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