Sunday, March 25, 2012

Tribute to Bowie

I am feeling inspired to do a special blog about David Bowie. After all he is all I talk about these days. Before my mission I suppressed a lot music in my life due to upbringing and mostly listening to classical. But after my mission my world changed when I watched Labyrinth for the first time on a date.  It was the scene in the film where Jereth (Bowie) was watching Sarah (Jennifer Connelly) during the Mascarade ball. The song "As the World Falls Down" was on and something inside me changed. Bowie (Jereth) changed something inside me forever..... a sexual awakening---hahahaha. Seriously though! Not too much later after that, I came across one of my all time favorite songs "Space Oddity." I was inspired beyond words. I put that song on repeat forever and I was inspired to draw Bowies perfect face. That painting got more attention then anything I had ever done. 5 people requested a duplicate of the original  painting and I plastered the same painting (transfered into silkscreening) all over LA, and eventually I lived one of my many dreams of seeing the drawing on a t-shirt. Thanks to Rolland. All together I have sold over 50 items in different forms of that first David Bowie painting.
David Bowie in my opinion is one of the greatest visionary artists of our time, let alone ever. He kept reinventing himself constantly. His music spiked creativity and color in so many people. He changed my life as shallow as it sounds. Alas, his face, dilated pupil, his music, his different eras/genres/looks, and his creativity has been one of the greatest inspirations for me. Looking at the anatomy of his face still fascinates me to this day. I honestly think I am going to name one of my children Ziggy after him. 
Here's to you Bowie Baby for changing my life 3 years ago this month.

The original.

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  1. i am the proud owner of the original... i feel SO HONORED too. that night you brought it to me was so awesome. it was one of very few that i was actually really excited to own something.