Tuesday, March 20, 2012

L.A. Trip#10

Oh LA, LA! I LOVE LA. Words cannot describe. Every time I go there my world opens up even more. I just got back late last night. I came back to snowy blizzardy snow storm. It was pretty heartbreaking having come from 63 degree bright blue sky weather. I am so incredibly in awe with the man I go to see. Just when he thinks it's going to be a really low key a very busy visit, he always seems to make it a magical experience for me. It was so fun, I got to go see his fashion showroom in downtown LA, where he thinks I might want to intern at this summer. Then I got to help him with his clothing samples, helping him prep for his busy trip to New York. I love the hustle and bustle of what he does. A lot of excitement! After we apparently so called "worked," we got to spend some time together. We saw John Carter, which I thought was going to be so cheese. It was actually very entertaining. Then we experienced fun drives, delicious food, good laughs, & good convo's.  My favorite day is when we went to Venice Beach. I got to see some neat stores, great street art, and great visual inspiration. I must also say it was the most crazy week of David Bowieness. Every where we went, Bowie was playing, or images were seen, also Rolland made me my own personalized Bowie T-shirt. My newest yummy treasure!! I love this man soooooo mucho grande. I have never met a more amazing person/man. He remembered one random detail of when I told him I want to have a chinese take out night, eating noodles out of a chinese carton while watching a movie. So he created that night for me. It was magical and romantic. It's the random details that make life have dimension. 

Old antique warehouse.  Amazing inside!

Mozza, what a hilarious dining experience. 

Rolland made all the brass animals become friends.


The most beautiful mini market I have ever seen.

 (Both stores on a fun artsy shopping street in Venice Beach)

Glass everywhere. Such an incredible store full of milk glass, antiques, and random home essentials.

Our chinese carton dining experience while watching a great flick. So delish.

My latest Bowie treasure.


  1. what a fun trip!! i'm going to cali at the beginning of may and i can't wait. when you move there i am going to come visit you all the time.

  2. Those images get my blood boiling... seriously!!! I can't think of anything more fun than strolling the streets and seeing those amazing stores with you and Roland! It's a must in the future - hopefully in April??? HeHeHe I'm so happy for you! Many wonderful years to come sista!!

    Love you tonz and tonz!