Thursday, May 10, 2012

Commission: Glittered British Flag

I love getting odd and unique commissions from people. My cousin Jenna recently commissioned me, she is always so much fun to paint for. Luckily, (i hope she feels the same) we have the same eye for details and such. She requested a glittered British Flag to put in between two other paintings I did for her. She bought a Jim Morrison and a Stevie Nicks from me. So if this flag looks easy to do, it wasn't-- it was SO HARD!! I am soooo far from doing anything exact or mathematical when it comes to my artistic expression. When I started the painting, I taped every line off. Rolland, my finance (hehe I like saying that!) told me that it wasn't exactly correct. I wasn't surprised. So we looked up how to do it. There was a lot of awful measurements and numbers--which doesn't go well with me. I told him I would figure it out in my own way. Later on, as I was studying the measurements, I said forget it! I got this. I took a yard ruler, took my own measurements, and divided numbers in my own way and WALA! It's still not exact but I think I did damn good for disliking exactness and mathematics. Thank you Jenna for stretching me with your fun request. Please do enjoy!

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  1. this is bad ass! would you be interested in hanging your art in the pizzeria? we need new art there very badly!