Sunday, May 20, 2012

Lovely Saturday.

What a fun day it was! Saw Dark Shadow's with my mom and sis. The movie was not one of Tim Burtons finest. But my sister and I had fun chuckling here and there. I love the time I have been getting with her. It's sorta been like the old days with my sister. Usually she is tending to her children, but these days they are getting older and I get more time with her. These picks of her on the swing are priceless!! I was laughing so hard my stomach hurt. She seem liberated and truly happy. We went for a walk and I showed her all my favorite secret places, and they made her happy just as they do for me. Eventually Sawyer joined us and was obsessed with my hidden swing. We also got up close to pretty horses, and he loved them as well. It was a magical day. I always use the word magical. Cause thats what how I intend to have it..... a magical life.
 I ended the day by testing cake flavors with my mom for my wedding cake-- oh my gosh so many amazing flavors to choose from. Also I got my wedding dress in today. Definitely not your traditional wedding dress. It's short and above the knee, with soft lace. Totally inspired by one of my all time favorite female musicans/style icons..... the Stevie Nicks. I must admit also, that I am one of the many who is hooked on Downton Abbey. Holy cow me, my mom and dad stay up late into the night watching it. My dad of allll people who goes to bed at like 9:30, stays up late cause he can't walk away from the show. Watch it! Soooo good on every level. 

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