Monday, May 28, 2012

Playlist Vol. 4 & Some Thoughts

When I first saw this picture I thought of Rolland Berry. I once told him, I wish I could catch a glimpse of his mind... to see the inner workings of it. He told me, I don't know if you could handle it. I felt the same about my mind for him as well. His mind and creativity fascinates me: "blows my mind." The skull on the left is pretty much what I've dealt with the majority of people through out my life. I watched the 1996 Romeo & Juliet yesterday. It was a visual drug the whole time. A bit bizarre too, but I usually like that. I am super excited to see The Great Gatsby directed by the same director of Romeo & Juliet (with LeoNardo DiCaprio and Clair DaNes). My brother suggested that I read the book first he says it's a good deep read. I think I must. Here is a updated music playlist that I'm enjoying greatly.

Exit Music (For a Film)-- Radiohead
Love is Blindness-- Jack White
Go!(feat. Karen O)-- Santigold
Space-- Magic Wands
Swing Tree-- Discovery
Myth-- Beach House
No Surprises-- Radiohead
Say You Will-- Fleetwood Mac
Hey-- The Pixies
Cat People (Putting Out Fire)-- David Bowie
Black White & Blue-- Ladyhawke
Feelin' Love-- Paula Cole
So Cruel-- Depeche Mode

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