Saturday, June 2, 2012

Done and Done

Took my bridal portraits yesterday, 
My sweet momma did my hair and weaved daisies in random braids, and also did my bouquet for my bridals. We went to Sun River Nursery to get flowers.... we picked a random variety of wild flowers to look as if I plucked them from the field where I took my bridals at. My mom has been SOOO AmAzInG! I don't know what I would do with out all of her help with this wedding stuff.
Taking photos in front of people give me anxiety. Luckily, I felt so natural and collected in the field where I took the bridals. I hope they turn out well. Jessica Peterson (the photographer) was so rad and made me feel comfortable. My mom and sister made me laugh all along the way, made it bearable. My sister kept cracking jokes about her so called potato sac custom wedding dress that she wore at her bridals-- and I kept laughing. Oh Dez what would I do without you?? BTW Dez- your dress was BEAUTIFUL!  This wedding stuff is actually rather fun! I think it's because it's pretty simple and not over the top crazy. I got my copper KitchenAid as a wedding gift from my folks and sister, and some great lingerie. Eeeek!
Oh sweet Rolland, I miss thee. He is now back in China working so hard, and is not one bit happy. Makes me sad. The count down now begins. Pics below are a peak of my bridals hair do and random vain photos!

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  1. i can't wait to see the pictures!! you better post them or at least show me :) i'm so excited for your shower on thursday!