Monday, June 4, 2012

The 3 Original Brooks'

My momma requested a very special request months back. I finally finished her final wish of me. Due to my passion for the artist in the Great Expectations (Ethan Hawke & Gweneth Paltrow version) I painted one of his portraits of Stella from the movie. My sister bought it, and my Mom desired me to capture her children in the same exact style. Well I did my best, and my mom LOVED them. It was interesting drawing them. I tried to capture each of my siblings character/style in each one. Below are childhood pictures of each of my siblings that inspired their portraits. I feel like I captured a mixture of their adult traits mixed with childhood details.

I tried to keep my brothers adult thick eyebrows and piercing blue eyes. He was so dang cute!!

I always notice my sisters beautiful petal lips and green eyes. She has a little chin, heart shaped face. I just love her ear... my mom pierced her ears at a very young age. Those are the little details I wanted my mom to appreciate.

As a child I mostly had short hair due to my wildness. I was obsessed with my mermaid t-shirt (below on the left), it was the only feminine thing I possessed. Everyone always told me my smile stretched from ear to ear, and that I had a looooong neck. So my lips are from ear to ear, and yes I have a looooong neck.

Point of inspirations. I LOVE this artist with all my heart. He captures exact abstractness. It's an idea of the person or object, simply brilliant.

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  1. Dallas!!!! I absolutely LOVE them!!!!! You nailed it perfectly... makes my cry! I love you girl!!!