Friday, May 4, 2012

"You Got Some Wicked Style, I Like the Way That You Are, I Am Your Biggest Fan"

I remember the days when my best friend and I, Brooke, would roam through fashion magazines fascinated by the couture, poshy, exotic fashion world. Well, I eventually moved on from those days. Since then I have been in and out of different phases in my life not knowing what style I really like. Well, not that anyone cares..... But I feel that at the age of 25 I am coming to know the real me. I love it when you see a person who can be effortless in the most simplest attire. It's very RARE when you do see it. No thought to it, just raw effortlessness. I remember when I walked up to the porch one day seeing the most amazing worn in old black motorcycle boots. I went inside and soon realized that they were the effortless Mr. Vincent Gallo's bootsies. His style is complete effortlessness. Apart from him, I have come to find my favorite individuals who capture a raw effortlessness look.
 A t shirt and jeans please..... a great shoe would be lovely too. The pics below embody a vibe, look, rawness, simplicity, and effortlessness. I am on the look out for the perfect motorcycle jacket, the one staple piece I need to find soooooon. Also, I just love a great tee. I can't stand the thought of having to over think what I should wear. I love simplicity with an edge. Whelp, that's just my two cents on my view of dressing ones self. 

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