Thursday, July 19, 2012

My Life with the Designer/Artist.

 I have come to the idea, that I blog now mostly about living the life of being married to an artist/designer. I have been cooking for my husband a lot, which is a lot of fun. One night I got really into it. I baked shortcakes, whipped whip cream, cut strawberries (mixed them with fresh orange juice and a little brownsugar), cooked steaks, and made the best goatcheese/pear/homemade crystalized walnut salad all in two hours. When Rolland finally got home to eat dinner with me, the neighborhood 85 year old asian artist, and the genius carpenter neighbors came over with a fancy mouse cake and baguette with salami. So my anticipated dinner had to be put off. I was sooo bummed. But the cake was to celebrate Rolland and I's marriage. It was so sweet. The chinese Parisian was most fascinating.... she is an artist/sculptor/chef and chemical engineer. Is that even possible?? It was a lovely visit from the two.

I have to go off on the color Indigo. I am highly obsessed with it. Possibly my new favorite color. Most of my friends know of Rolland being a internationally known designer. Thus the talk of his t-shirts/jackets/shoes/pants/. Lately, Rolland has been using indigo a lot lately in his designs. His most recent fall line is filled with Indigo hoodies for the fall. Wearing one of them got me on a famous L.A. fashion blog. I believe people are soon going to catch on to Indigo. Rolland is way ahead of the game. Mark my words, in the next year or two indigo is going to be everywhere. But Rolland saw it coming and is going to be planting the idea in most peoples head. If you want a peak into a fashion designer/creator just stay tuned to my blog....... it is going to get interesting. Below are his fashion sketches for his spring line we just put up today. It looks so overwhelming. I am amazed with some people and how the do what they do.

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  1. You're creating such a beautiful life together!! At times it seems very interesting putting to genius minds/life's together... but it's all worth it! You find yourself thinking, "there is no way I can do this on my own... right?" He's so lucky to have you and you're so lucky to have him!
    You are one amazing cook and I can't wait to eat some of your goods here in the future! I'm proud of you and Roland and can't wait to see you both again! Much love to you - my beautiful sister!