Thursday, July 12, 2012

Segal Wegal.

 The days that I am not working at my new Internship I have the lovely pleasure of working for my husband. Today he had a showing with the Fred Segal buyers. I got to go help him. I helped him set up, then got to go look around. He had great success I dare say. After that we had to eat. So we went to get sandwiches at this famous deli, that was just packed. Apparently people from New York have fedex ground-ship them their sandwiches cause they are that good. Well it was amazing. We had a magical picnic by the beach. After that we went to art galleries and killed time before we went to a Fred Segal Event. So get this dear blog readers, I was so cold today Rolland let me slip on one of his samples from his new fashion line. It was a indigo/denim hoodie. Super rad. I put it on with my white suede red/turq vans and a gray skirt. As I was at the party, I saw this woman watching me. Made me a little nervous. Later on she approached me,  handing me her card and told me how she liked my style, that it was unique and not at all like any of the other girls styles here. I was flattered and told her thank you. She then told me she was a photographer for the famous blog called "Streetgeist" and asked me if I could pose for one of their blogs. I looked at Rolland and he said go for it. I thought it was some fun wannabe Satoralist blog. So I did it. We took a couple of pics and to be honest, the sweater doesn't flatter the female form. The hoodie is for dudes. So it breaks up the body. But we did our best with the photo. It was a lot of fun. I was just proud cause Rolland's hoodie is what did it. When I got back with Rolland, he told me that the blog is legit, and very famous. I was surprised. So I looked it up. Definitely not Satorlist level. But not bad. It happened to be a lovely day, and yet so random. Good times in Santa Monica.

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