Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Life has been fabulous in the land of L.A.. Very interesting for sure. Is it sad to say I haven't missed home yet?? I thought I would have gotten home sickness like I did on my mission. But I haven't, I think it's cause I get Rolland all the time, and he fills such a void in my heart. Today I started a lot of new firsts. Here they are:
I started my first internship
I went grocery shopping allll by myself (Rolland had been going with me until today of course)
I cooked our first official home cooked meal (because Rolland got our little kitchen all finished)
I spray painted my running shoes

Rolland also happened to finish his Jimi Hendrix painting for some man in Tokyo. It is fabulous! I instagramed it before he got to finish the floral print on the headband. Also Rolland received an email that he was in the Japanese Rolling Stones mag. That is so sexy to me. I think it very interesting that Japanese are so obsessed with him. I got to wondering why us, Americans haven't quite jumped on the band wagon with him yet. I have grasped that Rolland's mind and creativity is much more ahead of everyone. So are the Japanese. I mean come on, the Japanese became obsessed with Bowie, Blondie, The Runaways, Gwen Stefani, and Stevie Nicks loooong before us Americans figured them out. Japanese are definitely more futuristic then the rest of the world..... thats what I am learning these days.

This past sunday, Rolland and I drove all over trying to find our church ward.  We went to Glendale ward, which happened to be spanish-- awesome. Then we drove to the Pasadena ward, (which I seriously hope I live there one day) and sadly it wasn't our ward so we drove to another one. It was wild goose chase. I loved going to church with him. It feels like coming home, and feels so right.

My internship wasn't too bad. I did a lot of paperwork-- which I CANNOT stand. I have learned that with work I like physical labor, interacting with people, and above all creating.
Paper work and sitting could seriously kill me. But I will continue to take advantage of this opportunity. I love the people I work with-- they are fun and exciting. I hope I get the hang of it more and more-- and eventually we get to travel to Las Vegas and New York for trade shows. Rolland comes along too! At times I feel like I hadn't even begun my life till I married Rolland- and deep down in my bones I think I knew that all along.

Rollands Jimi Hendrix tee featured in Rolling Stone.

On the left: Taco Salad.... looks like a lot of food, but it's mostly lettuce I swear. On the right: my lovely copper kitchen aid and gifts that my parents and sister gave me being well used in my kitchen. I love them so much!!!

My new spray painted shoes on the right. Also, mine and Rolland's painted hands-- heading to church.

This is where I am interning... not bad eh??


  1. That's a pretty dang good taco salad- becoming quite the domestic eh?. Chris was really diggin Rolland's Jimi (I of course do too!) One of your best posts to date! xo

  2. I'm so glad you're enjoying your life in LA! Sounds like so much fun.