Friday, July 6, 2012

4th of July in L.A.

I had such a lovely 4th. I grew up having such amazing traditions in Utah with my family. But now it's time for Rolland and I to start our own. A friend of his called him to invite us to their 4th of July Pool side get together. Rolland has connections to a lot of very diverse people. This get together was full of people who are very successful in the world. For instance, I met the head designer of Ella Moss, Carmen Elektras stylist, Urban Outfitter consultants, and a music video director just to name a few. These people were so down to earth and so kind. I made friends with one particular lady who reminded me of my "what you see is what you get" Grandmother-- she was a BLAST to talk to. All of them were. This woman and I had interesting convos of religion and the Gospel which I am most passionate about. Granted I feel you have to be wise before casting your pearls out to just anyone. But this woma'n was sincere and lovely. It's so interesting to leave my little world in Utah and experience different perspectives, beliefs, opinions,  and realities in L.A.. 
I am loving Rollands friends, they are great and down to earth people. I'm making friends and building relationships which I need in order to be sane in one place. A girl at the pool party happened to be wearing one of Rolland's vintage hoodies. She was darling, and she wore it so cool and effortless. Everyone at the party were blown away by Rolland's designs. He simply is amazing. I am LOVING my life in L.A..

We finished the night with just Rolland and I, watching fireworks shoot out of the Dodgers Stadium. I love this Country, and pray for the best in our Country's future.

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