Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Brooks No More.

I'm here with my fiance' in L.A. (finally), and it has been a busy busy fun time. I have had the pleasure of meeting his mother-- she is absolutely beautiful! So darling and fun. We have all been hanging out getting to know each other. Last night Rolland and I, finally had some one on one time. We went to Rock and Roll Toi resturaunt- it was very delish. And then we came back and started getting a big canvas prepped for a Jimi Hendrix painting. Rolland had to test it out first with a projector. He is used to painting great big 10x12 ft., but this latest request is 5x5 ft. It's so hard to get control with spray paint with such fine lines. But he tried it- I thought he did an amazing job. Below is a pic of his tee shirt in a Japanese fashion magazine. I was so happy to see it there, because I got to help him make it. I get married tomorrow, I am sooo excited!! Seeing Rolland with his mother was very special for me. I have never seen a man treat his mother in a such a way-- thus why he is so incredible to me. You can always capture a glimpse of a mans character by how he treats and honors his mother.
 I cannot wait to start my life with Rolland Berry III.