Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween in Midway

The party that my mother and sister hosted, together with two other exciting mother and daughter from my moms Midway ward put together probably one of the most fun parties I have had.... with older ladies. haha. Everyone dressed up so festive..... and hilarious. There were a few women who took their costumes rather serious and played the parts of Sisterwives alllll night long. And everyone was on the floor laughing. I must admit, Midway people are some of the funnest people I have associated with. Maybe it's that small town wildness, but no booze were needed here. We knew how to have our own natural highs. I wish I could have invited my friends. But my mom and sister were stressed due to EVERYONE asking if they could bring their mom, or friends. So I am sorry dear friends of mine who could not come. I wanted you to be there. The food was AMAZING. Dez made mac'n chees with truffle butter, my mother made rueben swiss sandwiches, and of course darling vegetable cups were made by Sherilynn. My favorite was the beautiful grape and cheese bar. This party made my Halloween, it was magical and I hope to be a yearly tradition. I love when people come together, it can create bonding experiences, and memories that wont ever be forgotten. Such fun memories are being made.

These three played the character of sisterwives waaaay too well. It was almost eerie. But we were all laughing.

Everyone brought gifts and we played magical broom, whomever was holding the broom when the music stopped would get to pick a gift that someone brought. Of course we did it outside in the cold around Desiree's fire pit.... with wassel of course.

 Luckily this beautiful girl was here, only girl my age. We went to high school together. Her mother in law was the one who put together the party with my mom and sister.  I love how we both live in Cali, I am white as a ghost, she golden Brown. hahaha 
Good thing Rolland loves my white skin. 

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  1. This is amazing!!!!! of course what else would I expect from your mom and sis;)