Thursday, October 25, 2012

No Facades... please.

I just got done with lunch with my dear friend up at Sundance. We had the convo of how..... hmmm, how do I put this.... we all expose our lives so much with instagram/facebook/blogging. Which I think can be a beautiful thing of self expression, but also self destruction. When I was back home with Rolland he would say, "stop looking at  instagram, it's making you miss home more then usual." When fall time hit, I could see everyone's fall time experiences and it caused some home sickness. My main point is this, sometimes we put on a facade of our lives. Lately people have told me my life looks so exciting. Granted it definitely is, living in a crazy LA world, and being inlove/married to an talented artist. But come on guys..... every one has hard times and struggles. My life is not perfect, nor by writing this am I giving anyone permission to assume my life is a struggle or my marriage difficult. Cause that is not my point. I love how life brings up experiences to help stretch you and give you character. I am learning to slowing grow up and let go of my former life and familiarities. Life requires sacrifices. And that's what gives it it's richness. I grew up in an amazing family and life. Full of magical experiences and challenging times that has really bonded my family and I together. It's hard to let that go of that former life at moments. But what I am learning is to create that with my sweet husband Rolland... who understands sacrificing more then anyone I know. I miss him more then words. I wish he could be here with me now having these moments that I am making, but sadly he is working so hard for the both us and our future.  Maybe it's the artist in me, but I see everything in photography form.... every image in my eye is a moment or picture to be captured. Thus all the photo's I take. But don't let me fool you with creating a facade. Life is life, and life brings challenges. I just love stimulating myself or someone else visually. 

 How's that for being real and raw. My grandma's favorite line: What you see is what you get. 
Sorry to all of you whom have to feel like you have to pretend to have such a life. You can't fool anyone.... everyone has to deal with the ups and downs of life. But in my opinion.... that's what give's life variety and color... and above all good character and hopefully integrity.

Ps One last thing I might add, I know my grammar isn't always correct..... too bad. Deal with it. I'm not a perfectionist. I just express. hahaha

Dipping oreos. Is it Thanksgiving time or Halloween?? I can't quite tell with the weather. But it's definitely Halloween at the Brooks home!

I'm addicted to color. Tipped my hair in turq die.... FINALLY. I have been talking about it for way too long. 

Below our fall walks, finding great homes. LOVE the home below. Once was a farm/barn turned into a barn. Amazing.

 Now this pup had the sweetest little personality. Look at those eyes!

Below is my ever so cool dad. We are into vintage 70's style audio equipment these days.  Taking apart and testing equipment. So fascinating to me. 


  1. such a great post dallas. i agree 100%. life isn't always easy - but just because you don't complain and whine on your blog doesn't mean you don't have struggles! i get that criticism all the time and it drives me crazy - my blog is a place where i put things i love - not the place where i cry about all my problems. but i'm also not fake about anything - i am happy and that's all there is to it :) love ya. i'm coming to midway SOON. i just want it to be fall and not winter. k bye

    also all those oreos are beautiful! i hope you guys had a fun party!

  2. I simply obtained completed with lunch time along with my personal expensive buddy upward from Sundance. We'd the actual convo associated with exactly how..... err, how do you place this particular.... all of us reveal the life a lot along with instagram/facebook/blogging. That we believe could be a stunning point associated with personal phrase, but additionally personal damage. After i had been home along with Rolland he'd state, "stop taking a look at instagram, it is causing you to skip house much more after that typical.
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